Candidate API saving Categories numerous times

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API Update [posted on December 13, 2012]:

This version of the Bullhorn APIs should no longer be used.

All new work should be done using Bullhorn's REST or Web Services APIs. For more information please visit:

Bullhorn REST API provides a simpler and faster way for developers to build applications that interact with the Bullhorn platform and is used by Bullhorn Inc. to develop features of the Bullhorn ATS/CRM application.

Of the BullhornSTAFFING HTTP API interfaces listed below, our analysis shows that the following are most commonly used by developers:

Resume Parsing API
Published Job Data (XML)
The interface to these will continue to work as is because Bullhorn will replace the back end to use REST API. The URLs for these 2 specific APIs may change in the 2nd half of 2013; developers may require to update their applications to use the new URLs.

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Candidate API saving Categories numerous times

Post by sourov.chatterjee » Thu Sep 20, 2012 11:00 am

We have been experiencing an issue with API 1.1 since 2011 discoverd this week. The issue is - when we try to save Candidate object via API, sometime Categories are saved numerous times within seconds in edit history(shot attached BHIssue.png) with a private level ID prefixed. This does not happen when candidated is saved by users in Bullhorn system. Ultimate issue is -scores of data updates occur and slows down the datamart and errors out. I see a pattern that this occurs when there are several (say 10+) candidate categories for a candidate to save. Category is a pick list with checkboxes in our Bullhorn system.

I tried to troubleshoot this in EditHistory table and found some discrepancy in saving in edit history. The newvalue of a row in Edit history table for CategoryID should be same as the old value for the row above which is not the case always(highlighted in attached file). This seems to be another bug.

I will appreciate if this is fixed asap.
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Re: Candidate API saving Categories numerous times

Post by juliet » Fri Sep 21, 2012 3:10 pm

Hello sourov.chatterjee,

This is Julie from Bullhorn Support, I will be assisting you with your inquiry. I tested this out using API 1.1 and wasn't able to reproduce. I took a Candidate and added multiple categories to the record using the associateMultiple operation (making sure that there were +10 categories). When I checked the edit history on the Candidate, only 1 edit history entry was made to account for the update to the categories.

Are you able to verify if there are any automations on your end that may be unintentionally updating Candidate categories?

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