Get weekly numbers for CVs sent, Client Interviews, Subsequent Interviews, Offers

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Get weekly numbers for CVs sent, Client Interviews, Subsequent Interviews, Offers

Postby denisius » Sat May 27, 2017 3:09 pm

1. I need to pull the weekly numbers for 'CVs sent', 'Client Interviews', 'Subsequent Interviews', 'Offers'. The problem is that I can't understand how this data is represented in the database.

All of this data is present in 'Recruiting Activity Report', but I can't seem to get it through the API. How do I replicate the calls through REST API?

There are 'submissions' and 'sendouts' parameters on the 'Candidate' entity, but I can't understand what parameter represents what.

2. Also, for some reason, when I'm trying to search all Candidates where

Code: Select all


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are within certain dates, designing the search query like so:

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search/Candidate?fields=id,submissions(id,dateAdded)&query=submissions.dateAdded:[{UNIX_DATE} TO {UNIX_DATE}]&showTotalMatched=true&BhRestToken=XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

the search returns 0 results. Tried setting the dates from Zero to today, still nothing. What am I doing wrong here?

There was a reference to 'CVs sent' being part of the 'Note' entity, but I can't limit the query by dates either. I can just get the total number for ALL TIMES and no dateAdded fields for those, so I can't sort it in any way.

I have spent a few days reading through the docs now, and really can't understand what I need to do to get the data. Appreciate any help!

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Re: Get weekly numbers for CVs sent, Client Interviews, Subsequent Interviews, Offers

Postby DaveNorthCreek » Wed May 31, 2017 6:57 pm

I think the problem is that there is some flexibility in how each organization implements its workflow in Bullhorn. I have a similar set of queries for one of my projects where I look for JobOrders and then look for related Appointments.

I would search for those entities and then link them back to Candidate IDs. Candidate records are not the place where all the workflow is recorded - look at Opportunity, JobSubmission, JobOrder, Placement, and then how they relate to Appointment. Then look at the Notes that are added to the Candidate record for clues there.

The good news is that the other Entities in the API are accessed the same way as Candidates - but searching for them depends on if they are "search" or "query" entities, or if you have to find them through their relationships.

Hope this helps- feel free to reach out to me or reply here.

North Creek

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