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Unable to get candidate job submissions

Posted: Tue Sep 05, 2017 5:17 pm
by otesdev
I'm attempting to look up job submissions using the sdk by calling candidate.getSubmissions().getData() but getting an empty list. This candidate has a "Submission by Candidate" and a "Client Submission". Is there a way that I'm not seeing to look up these submissions?

My end goal is to pull a custom field that I have defined on the job so I need to be able to link the candidate to a specific job profile.

As you can see from my screenshots the job submissions show up on the candidate and the job profile.

Re: Unable to get candidate job submissions data

Posted: Thu Sep 07, 2017 12:11 pm
by otesdev
Found some more info on this in the rest-api-docs, but unfortunately I'm still not getting any data. From the description here I thought that I might get the data after going through the other workflow steps and creating a "Placement" for the candidate. ... submission
Represents a formal submission of a Candidate for a particular job. A job submission occurs after the Candidate has been evaluated, interviewed, and otherwise assessed, and the parties involved have agreed that the Candidate may be suitable. The JobSubmission entity is then created with references to the Candidate and the JobOrder representing the position. If the JobSubmission is approved, a Placement entity is created.

Note: When you set the status field of a JobSubmission to “New Lead”, it becomes a web response, which is an informal job submission. When you update another status, it becomes a formal job submission. When you create a web response, set the dateWebResponse field to the current date. When you update a web response to make it a formal job submission, set the dateAdded field to the current date.
One thing that I have found that is really puzzling to me is that when I debug the call to get submissions it is actually getting the correct total number of submissions but doesn't have any of the info about them.

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Could there be some permission that is set incorrectly or something that is stopping me from getting this data?

Re: Unable to get candidate job submissions

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 3:54 pm
by pmularski
Greetings Otesdev,

If you are continuing to have difficulties with retrieving your candidate submission data, would you please post the API call you are using to try to pull this data? Thanks!


Re: Unable to get candidate job submissions

Posted: Wed Sep 13, 2017 4:20 pm
by otesdev
As I mentioned above, I'm using the java SDK method for this. I will try to grab the API call that it is generating and post that.