Name is not populated while doing in REST api

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Name is not populated while doing in REST api

Post by ganeshprabhu » Fri Jul 20, 2018 1:43 pm

Problem 1:
While creating any of the following objects Lead, ClientContact or Candidate in Bullhorn CRM UI, Bullhorn is showing "Name" field automatically by concatenating first name & last name.
But when doing via api, it is not working.

In meta api for all of the above I got "Name" field but that is "readOnly.

Code: Select all

           "name": "name",
           "type": "SCALAR",
           "dataType": "String",
           "maxLength": 100,
           "dataSpecialization": "SYSTEM",
           "confidential": false,
           "optional": true,
           "label": "Name",
           "required": false,
           "readOnly": true,
           "multiValue": false,
           "hideFromSearch": false,
           "sortOrder": 1000,
           "hint": "",
           "description": ""
When I set first name, last name & middle name if available. But it will not be pre populated in Bullhorn CRM.

Problem 2:
While creating an appointment, i pass Candidates which was created via REST api to "Recipients".
Once appointment created, i could not see "Recipients" in Bullhorn CRM

So my questions are,
  • Why "Name" field was not pre populated automatically while creating objects via REST api like in Bullhorn CRM?
  • Should I set value for "Name" field, even it is readOnly.

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Re: Name is not populated while doing in REST api

Post by DanJSupport » Tue Jul 24, 2018 5:18 pm

Hi Ganeshprabhu,

Yes you should populate the name field when creating a record. There is not any automaton when adding first and last name that will update the name field when you create the record. This is only done in app.

If you leave the name field blank, where you would see the record in Bullhorn such as on the list views or on appointments, the record will not be visible and you may not be able to open the record from these pages.

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