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UserHeadshotFile API feature disabled

Posted: Thu Aug 30, 2018 10:54 am
by chrisgrant
We’re sending a GET request to this URL in order to get the user headshot files for our CorporateUser entities. ... Token=XXXX

However, we get the following response:
{ “errorMessage" : “Feature 'commercialEnabled' not enabled.", "errorMessageKey" : "errors.featureDisabled", "errorCode” : 403}"

The documentation ( ... dshot-file) on this is slightly unclear. The docs suggest this is the format:
But the example is like this ... idate/3835

Which seems to suggest that you need to put in the entity type before the ID. I tried putting in the entity type (CorporateUser), but that gives:

{ "errorMessage" : "Unknown or badly structured command: /userHeadshotFile/CorporateUser/1.", "errorMessageKey" : "errors.badCommand"}"