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GET Candidate File

Post by vipultandon » Thu Sep 12, 2019 3:15 am

Hello Bullhorn Support Team,

Need help on below scenario,

Via Rest API (GET /entityFiles), we can get files of Candidate uploaded on Bullhorn, which is working fine at our end.
Suppose we have 10k candidates and all of them have files. We processed first candidate and we got his file. Now we moved to second candidate and got his file, and we keep on traversing so on..
After couple of days, a new file was added to the first Candidate.
So here Questions we have are as,

1. Can we get to know via API if any new file is added/uploaded to the same Candidate?
2. Is there a web-hook feature which can tell us that a new file has been added/uploaded to a Candidate?
3. Is there any way from BH, which can tell us a new file has been added to the first Candidate?

Please have a look and suggest us here what we can do to achieve this.


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