getNoteReferences returning Person

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getNoteReferences returning Person

Post by andy.jones » Mon Oct 17, 2011 5:46 am

We've got a query with getting references for notes. We are getting entityNames as Person instead of Candidate or ClientContact via the API. Below is what it says in the documentation:


The getNoteReferences operation retrieves a list of all Candidate, ClientContact, CorporateUser, JobOrder, or Placement entities referred to by a specific Note instance.

If it's correct to return Person when it's a Candidate or ClientContact then can we use the entityId to see if either a Candidate or ClientContact exists? ie do Candidates and ClientContact's share an ID pool when creating new records?

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Re: getNoteReferences returning Person

Post by shuddleston » Wed Oct 19, 2011 11:27 am

I too see the entity name of "Person" for a note logged against a candidate when calling the getNoteReferences operation under the 1.1 API. For example, my noteID 1600357 is logged against a candidate and a job. I would expect Candidate as the entity name rather than Person. It appears this note was logged via the application and not via the API.

How are we supposed to tell which entity this id this refers to? As Andy suggested if there is a shared pool of ids we could perform a query or find operation. But it seems inefficient to perform an operation possibly up to three times depending on whether the entity is a Candidate, CorporateUser or ClientContact.


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Re: getNoteReferences returning Person

Post by r.knight » Thu Oct 20, 2011 3:18 pm

Hi andy.jones and shuddleston,

Thanks for your questions. The SOAP response for getNoteReferences returns back the the entityList which contains the entityId and entityname properties. This operation is meant to return a list of entities associated with a note instance. Returning the entityName of "Person" is correct for this operation, albeit the documentation and XML examples do not show this. I will work with our documentation group to make this more clear.

You can run the find operation on entityName = Person with the entityID which will return the person type. The DTO displays the type as "clientContactDto" or "candidateDto". If you already know the noteId and entityName you can use getEntityNotes operation.

I hope this helps.


Ryan Knight
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