What is the grammar of the JobPositionSeeker?

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What is the grammar of the JobPositionSeeker?

Post by ml_nws » Thu Dec 13, 2012 11:33 am

In a Support Ticket discussion recently, I raised the issue of Bullhorn's return of an HR-XML document as the result of the 'parseResume' operation. From my perspective, this made the task of deriving the properties of a 'Candidate' object from the result inordinately difficult. My preference had been to work with the Bullhorn-Xml format, available only through the Legacy Parse Resume API, which returns results that correspond (quite naturally) rather closely to the properties/fields of the 'Candidate' object/record.

It has since occurred to me, however, that the problem of anticipating hr-xml data might not be apparent from within Bullhorn.

The hr-xml specification is voluminous, and even within the constraints of the Candidate specification, there seem to be several different ways that equivalent information could end up being returned by the parser, dependent on context. (As I do not work exclusively within the Human Resources industry, my investigation of the specification has been rather more expedient than exhaustive.)

Bullhorn returns a 'JobPositionSeeker' record, and the existence of such an entity is referenced several times on the hr-xml consortium website. However, I have been unable to locate a definition of 'JobPositionSeeker' as a formal noun (or anything else) in the 3.2 specification. After extensive searching, I was able to obtain a DTD from 'http://xml.coverpages.org/JobPositionSeeker-v1.0.dtd', but I note that this document is dated from 2000, and contains several revision notes. Thus, I find myself unable to anticipate the contingencies with which the 'parseResume' operation may present me.

It seems to me that the most likely case is that these worries are completely unfounded, given a working knowledge of the process behind the 'parseResume' operation. Most likely, parseResume is guaranteed to only return types and values from within a specific subset of a specific version of the 'JobPositionSeeker' XSD.

However, the necessary documentation of this is completely unavailable.

Does this documentation exist, somewhere -- within bullhorn perhaps -- and can it be made available (as in, right now)? This problem is a major barrier to the full adoption of the Web API in preference to the Legacy API on my part, and I expect that my experience is not uncommon. If your access to persons and information is limited by your role here, please let me know if I would be better served to open the issue as a further Support Ticket.

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Re: What is the grammar of the JobPositionSeeker?

Post by c.choy » Fri Feb 01, 2013 7:00 pm

So I answered via teh support ticket, but wanted to post a few mappings. The full dtd is not available as I could find, but there are some:

For the StructuredResume entity:
"ContactInfo.PersonName.GivenName" => firstName
"ContactInfo.PersonName.FamilyName" => lastName
"ContactInfo.PersonName.MiddleName" => middleName
"ContactInfo.PersonName.FormattedName" => name
"ContactInfo.ContactMethod.InternetEmailAddress" => email


EducationHistory.SchoolOrInstitution - schoolType
EducationHistory.SchoolOrInstitution.Degree - degreeType

Qualifications.Competency - name

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