Web Response, Resume Parser, and Duplicate Candidates

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Web Response, Resume Parser, and Duplicate Candidates

Post by brandon.burkett » Thu Jun 13, 2013 11:55 am


I have a few questions about web responses, parsing resumes, and duplicate candidates. We currently have a website up and running using the Bullhorn API and were thinking about making some changes to how candidates are processed. See below:

- Currently we are using the SOAP API (version 2.5)
- When the apply form is submitted, we do the following
- Create a candidate DTO and save
- with status: "New Lead"
- Upload resume using addFile
- Create job submission DTO and save
- with status: "Candidate Interested"
- with source "Web"
- If the candidate is not applying to a specific job, we omit the "create job submission DTO" step

With our current method (describe above), candidates are not being flagged as web responses in the Bullhorn admin area, the resume isn't being "parsed", and if a candidate applies twice, their record is duplicated.

The end goal here is to have job submissions show up as web responses, resume parsed, and no duplicate candidates See questions below:

1) http://bullhorn.custhelp.com/app/answer ... _id/100068
- This article was given to us by Bullhorn previously on "how to submit a web response". It says to use a resume parsing email using the subject BHJOB[PLID]_[JOBPOSTINGID] (or an empty subject if not applying for a specific job)
- Is this the recommended method for submitting web responses?
- Is this the recommended method for getting resumes parsed?
- Does this method check for duplicate candidates?
- EX: If we use this method and a candidate uploads a resume to four different jobs, and we send four emails to the resume parsing email address, would it duplicate candidate data for each job OR is it intelligent enough to not duplicate.
- Is this approach the only automated way to handle web responses, resume parsing, and duplicate candidate checks?
- Would we still need to use the SOAP API to create candidates, upload resume, and create job submissions using this method?
- OR would we just submit the resume via email and the resume parser will do all the work?

2) If resume parsing email is the recommendation to use would the email sent to BHJOB[PLID]_[JOBPOSTINGID] need to contain any other information? OR just the resume file as an attachment?
- Would we need to send candidate name, email, phone, or address information in the email as text? OR would that all be parsed from the resume attachment?
- Confirm that we would not need to use the API to create candidates or job submissions using this method.

3) If the recommendation is to continue to use the API, how do we submit a web response, parse resume, and check for duplicates using the SOAP API?
- I do not see anything in the API documentation about web responses, only job submissions. What do we need to change in our flow (see background information above).
- We are using the status "New Lead" on the candidate DTO and status "Candidate Interested" on the job submission DTO.
- We have tried to use "New Lead" on the job submission to get a "web request" but it did not seem to work, do we need to change the status and source fields? (currently using "Web" as source).
- I see an API method ParseResume, but do not see any good implementation examples related to the SOAP API: http://developer.bullhorn.com/doc/versi ... resume.htm
- How would this change our current flow.
- Would this mean we need to MANUALLY create education, work history, and primary skill records using the separate API methods from the parsed resume data?
- Any other entity data we would need to create from the parsed resume using the SOAP API?
- In order to avoid duplicate candidates, would we need to MANUALLY search (using the query method) to see if a candidate is currently in the system before we add the candidate?
- If so, what fields are recommended that we check? First name, Last name and email address?

4) If neither the resume parser email or SOAP API is recommended for web responses, is there some other documentation on how to submit them?

- The end goal here is to see if the resume parser email address method takes care of web responses, parsing resumes, and duplicate candidates WHILE not having to use the API
- If it does not the case, we will need to explore our options (based on the questions answered above) using the SOAP API.

Thank you in advance for your time,

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Re: Web Response, Resume Parser, and Duplicate Candidates

Post by s.potnis » Mon Jun 24, 2013 11:31 am

Hello Brandon,

The resume parser is the recommended methord for submitting web responses and having resumes parsed into your Bullhorn Database. If a candidate applies to 4 different jobs, sending in the resume 4 times, the system would only parse the candidate into Bullhorn once, but show multiple web responses for different jobs. On that particular candidate's recrod you will see 4 submissions to the jobs.

When a candidate applies for a job via the your jobboard, and the resume parser has been set u, the parser will parse the candidate in, add the web response and on the particular job, under the "Web Responses" tab will create an entry for the candidate. From there you can simply check the box next to the candidate, then from "Select An Action" choose the option to "Move to Submissions".

The email subject should be in the below format:

BHJOB[PLID]_[JOBPOSTINGID]. No other information is required. Just the file attachment/resume is enough for the system to parse. It does not create a submission on the job automatically; you will need to go to the job record, under web responses and then move it to "Submissions".

If you require the web response to create and candidate record and also add a submission, I would reccommend continuing using REST APIs. In this article you can find how to add candidates and add a submission: http://developer.bullhorn.com/articles/ ... candidates

Here is information about creating a candidate record from a resume:
http://developer.bullhorn.com/articles/ ... fromresume

To add a candidate as a web response please follow: http://developer.bullhorn.com/articles/ ... ebresponse


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Re: Web Response, Resume Parser, and Duplicate Candidates

Post by mike11d11 » Tue Jun 14, 2016 1:36 pm

Here is a free Resume / CV parsing api service you can use, pretty simple to integrate with your applications or websites. Has some sample .net code integration on the website www.bighelpdesk.com/cvparseapi.aspx

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Re: Web Response, Resume Parser, and Duplicate Candidates

Post by pmularski » Wed Jun 15, 2016 11:26 am

Hello Everyone,

BigHelpDesk is not affiliated with Bullhorn or Bullhorn's Marketplace partnership program. We are allowing the post to remain, because it is a functional system. With that said, please use proper due diligence prior to providing API access to your data.
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