Missing Documents on Full backup

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Missing Documents on Full backup

Postby ctribe1 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 2:36 pm

We recently recieved a full back up from Bullhorn support. We had specifically requested that our documents be a part of this back up. There are some documents that we are not seeing in the data. Either we are looking in the wrong place, or they were not included with the backup.

• We are looking in the “bullhorn1.BH_UserWorkFile” table for reference to the documents. There are many documents attached to Erica Salaman and Brett Krummert in Bullhorn. However we are not seeing reference to these candidates in the table. Perhaps there is another table that references attachments?
• Also, we are seeing documents referenced in that table that do not appear to be in the backup. The backup included a directory structure like \UserWorkFiles\7539\2011.11. We only had the ‘7539’ directory in the backup, but there are entries referencing other directories, such as 7545, 7551, etc. We could import these documents if we get them since the reference is there.

When I reached out to my contact with Bullhorn Support here is the response I recieved "In this case I would go to the Bullhorn Back Up Forum and post this issue. If you are looking in the wrong place for your data, Andrew Smith will lead you to the right place. If you are in fact missing data, Andrew will direct you to support and the issue will be escalated to engineering from there. Thank you, Kayla Bullhorn Support"

Can you help with this?

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Re: Missing Documents on Full backup

Postby apsmith » Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:00 pm


For the first point, I see 75 rows in the BH_userwork table when checking for data for candidates / contacts named Erica Salaman and Brett Krummert.

Here is the query that I used:

select * from bullhorn1.BH_UserWork
where userID IN(
select userid from BULLHORN1.BH_UserContact
where name = 'Erica Salaman' OR name = 'Brett Krummert')

For the second point, the additional ID numbers are additional privatelabels. Support can rerun your back to include those PLs for you.
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Re: Missing Documents on Full backup

Postby ctribe1 » Thu Mar 27, 2014 3:04 pm

Thanks Andrew. I'll share your answer with support.

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