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Client Corporation

Post by bhdataq » Tue Apr 08, 2014 11:50 am

What are we missing? Here is the code:

SELECT distinct
,count(c.userid) [Contact Count]
FROM BullHorn.BULLHORN1.BH_ClientCorporation cc
left join BullHorn.BULLHORN1.BH_Client c ON cc.clientCorporationID = c.clientCorporationID
group by cc.clientcorporationid , ,cc.status

This produces MORE results than the total number of Facility records in Bullhorn (as expected). When we remove the Facility/ClientCorporation records that do not have any associated Client Contacts, we are now LESS than the total records in Bullhorn. Why is this?

In order to get the total number of Facility records in Bullhorn, we are opening the Facility List, sorting grouped by facility, and clicking 'Total Records'. We are then opening the Archive facility list, again sorting grouped by Facility, and clicking 'Total Records'. Then adding those two numbers together.


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Re: Client Corporation

Post by apsmith » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:10 pm

There was an issue with notifications on this forum, we truly apologize for the delay in responding.

The query that you posted will pull a row for each client contact within the system.

What number exactly are you trying to find, I will assist in writing that query.
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