PowerFill feature updates 4/15

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PowerFill feature updates 4/15

Postby EDow » Thu Apr 15, 2010 1:42 pm

Based on everyone's feedback, we have deployed some new features to the PowerFill beta this week. A few of the highlights include:

1. The ability for you to find other "Local Companies" in the network. Now when running a search and getting recommendations, you will also be able to reach out to other companies that have offices in that area even if they are not returned in the recommendations.
-This feature is based on direct feedback from users who would like to be able to see other firms that are in the network that may be able to help them. We are continuing to explore new ideas and options on this as well.
-If you do not wish to have your company appear in the Local Companies section, please let us know.

2. More Refined Searching. Based on an analysis of the searches run, we realized that the initial search terms may have been too broad. As a result, the recommendations were not as focused in some cases. In order to provide better recommendations, we are now only passing the Job Title into the search. This should result in more targeted results and also allows you more control over any additional terms you want to search. We are also still including the "Discovered Terms" in our searches as well.

3. Companies automatically added to "Your Network". Now, when someone accepts a connection request from you, we will automatically add that company to "Your Network" so that you can easily reach out to them for future jobs.

4. Automatic searching of candidates matching a job request. When you receive a connection request, we realize that many of you are busy with multiple initiatives on any given day. To ease the process of finding relevant candidates for a position, we have added a section to the Connection Request e-mail that will present candidates that are a potential match for a job.

Please Note: You will not see this particular feature take effect immediately. There is some additional configuration work that we will be doing over the next couple of days to enable this for you.

As always, we strive to make these changes seamless to you. However, please contact us if you experience any issues or if you have any questions about these changes.

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