SOAP API returning unpublished items

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SOAP API returning unpublished items

Post by petehotchkiss » Thu Aug 20, 2015 1:24 pm

Hello there,

We have a new application under development which is set to replace an existing client website. This new version, has it's own API key and is logging in and retrieving responses ok. The application is doing a simple retrieval of JobOrder entities via a SOAP call with various criteria passed filtering on properties such as employmentType, etc etc

The back-end is a simple PHP implementation

The problem we are having is the new application is not filtering unpublished JobOrders out the results. It's simply retrieving everything all results. The current 'live' site does not do this and filters correctly.

We're including the clause

Code: Select all

in the search query passed to the API

Are we missing something?

Thanks in advance

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