link to search results in iframe returns cached results?

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API Update [posted on December 13, 2012]:

This version of the Bullhorn APIs should no longer be used.

All new work should be done using Bullhorn's REST or Web Services APIs. For more information please visit:

Bullhorn REST API provides a simpler and faster way for developers to build applications that interact with the Bullhorn platform and is used by Bullhorn Inc. to develop features of the Bullhorn ATS/CRM application.

Of the BullhornSTAFFING HTTP API interfaces listed below, our analysis shows that the following are most commonly used by developers:

Resume Parsing API
Published Job Data (XML)
The interface to these will continue to work as is because Bullhorn will replace the back end to use REST API. The URLs for these 2 specific APIs may change in the 2nd half of 2013; developers may require to update their applications to use the new URLs.

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link to search results in iframe returns cached results?

Post by gswartz » Mon Nov 10, 2014 12:51 pm

We have a web site - which is in wordpress and we have a keyword job search box on the right side. Any search that is run loads the sendouts results in an iframe using this url - ... searchedon If I change the keyword the results stay the same. However, if I click the new search link in the results iframe and run the same search, the results change. So, is there another querystring parameter that we need to include in the iframe url to force it to run the new search? Thanks.