Querying JobOrder with businessSectorsId

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Querying JobOrder with businessSectorsId

Post by firestarter » Thu Aug 06, 2015 10:16 am


How does one query JobOrder with a specified businessSecordsId? This is an example of our current query (in PHP):

Code: Select all

$query_array = [
  'entityName' => 'JobOrder',
  'maxResults' => 20,
  'where' => 'isOpen=1 AND title like \'%c%\' AND employmentType=\'Contract\' AND businessSectors.id IN (99267)',
  'parameters' => [],
  'distinct' => true
Unfortunately this doesn't work. It seems as if we need to query the jobs, then for each job check their businessSectors association with the requested ID. Is there any way around this? It seems counter intuitive, especially in relation to pagination.

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