Connecting with Drupal

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Connecting with Drupal

Post by hrespass »

We have a web form that enables several form fields in Drupal for candidates to apply for a position. I need to know how to make this connect to the RestAPI so that the information goes directly into the platform. Please provide me with any information that you may have. Also, the articles section doesn't show or provide any information on this topic.

And / Or. . .

Is there a way to create a form through BullHorn and have the same look and feel as our current website?



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Re: Connecting with Drupal

Post by s.emmons »

Hi Harry,

We do not have any information or sample code on connect our REST APIs and Drupal at this time.

To your second question, I'm not quite sure what you mean. Can you elaborate?
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Re: Connecting with Drupal

Post by jeffsacco »


I just wrote a script for hooking up Drupal to Bullhorn.

If you need some consultations, would be happy to help out.

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