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Incremental Load

Post by brunocorrea.bra »

Hi everyone,

Someone could tell me if it is possible to do incremental loads via the Bullhorn API?

Reading the documentation, I could not find possibilities for query filters for periods, for example, load only Jobs created / updated / removed on 08/12/2014

Would anyone indicate the best way?

Thanks regards!

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Re: Incremental Load

Post by SO-BHSupport »

Hi Bruno,

I am not quite sure what you are referring to with incremental loads but you can search on the Date Added of a job as this is a valid field. You would not be able to run a query on when a job was last updated or deleted as this data is not stored within a field and is not accessible through the APIs.

Below is an example query showing how to run a query statement on a date field (this will need to be encoded): ... =dateAdded:[20140815 TO 20140818235959]&BhRestToken=ae1a7e11-8a0a-4949-b2ee-a76ce3682671

The reason I am doing this to 20140818235959 is so it includes all Jobs added on the 18th of August 2014, not just up to that date. You could of course also do 20140819 for equal effect.

Though you can't find out when a record was deleted you can search for this by looking for isDeleted: 1.

Hope this helps,

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