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Query problem

Post by phil.cohen.hci »

I'm trying to get a list of ClientContacts for a given ClientCorporation, using the following code:

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Dim service = New BullhornAPI.ApiServiceClient()
Dim currentsession = service.startSession("<username>", "<password>", "<key>").session
Dim query2 As BullhornAPI.dtoQuery = New BullhornAPI.dtoQuery
query2.entityName = "ClientContact"
query2.where = "clientCorporation.ID = 1"
Dim bhcontacts As New BullhornAPI.apiQueryResult
bhcontacts = service.query(currentsession, query2)
... but when I run it I get the following error: "-99999: org.hibernate.QueryException: could not resolve property: ID of: com.bullhorn.entity.client.ClientCorporation [SELECT a.id FROM com.bullhorn.entity.client.ClientContact a WHERE clientCorporation.ID = 1]"

Any ideas?

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Re: Query problem

Post by srg.bdavis »


The properties in the query are case sensitive. The id column on the ClientCorporation entity should be in lower case.


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