Candidate name not showing up in list

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Candidate name not showing up in list

Post by gregrbparker »

When I create a new candidate through the API, everything goes through fine but the name is not showing up in the list. It is getting inserted because when I open the candidate it's there, just not in the list.

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Re: Candidate name not showing up in list

Post by SO-BHSupport »

Hi Greg,

What I think is happening is you are populating the "first name"/"last name" fields but are not populating "name" field. The name field is a combination of the other two and is used in our fast find and also as the full name column on our lists/displays. This needs to be populated manually.

To verify this is the problem you can either do an API call and see if a newly added Candidate has this populated, or alternately if you edit save a record within Bullhorn it will populate this field if it doesn't currently match the first name/last name combination. Then if you look at the activity --> edit history you should see the name field be populated from blank to whatever values it should contain.

Our Web Services documentation can be found here:
and our Rest documentation can be found here: ... TAPI_0.pdf

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

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