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Push Notification

Post by nishanth »

Is there any option/webservice methods to subscribe to push notification.Our intention is to receive the push notification to our mobile devices on updating any job or adding new job?
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Re: Push Notification

Post by pmularski »

Good Afternoon Nishanth,

There are options to use an RSS feed for your Bullhorn published jobs, but other than that, you would be looking at a custom system. If you need more information about your company's RSS capabilities, please contact Bullhorn Support directly.
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Re: Push Notification

Post by srg.bdavis »

The built in event subscriptions would get you started, but as Patrick said there would still be some custom work that needed to be done.

You could create a subscription to watch for inserted and updated event types on the job order entity. Some custom code would then need to be created in order to check that subscription for new events. If any are found, that code would then handle the push notification to your mobile devices.
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