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Post by jrichet »

is there an easier/faster way to get support?

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Re: support

Post by DaveNorthCreek »

Hello jrichet,

I'm in the middle of a complex integration project using PHP to query and upload data to Bullhorn. What are you trying to accomplish? A code dump is perhaps a bit much - I scanned it and recognized some of it, but I would need some specifics in order to be more helpful.

I can log in and get a BhRestToken on demand, and I have lots of POSTMAN queries that return what I want. I'm still not an expert, but I'm a couple of months ahead of you, and I do remember the frustration of getting things connected. Everything needs to be just so.

Are you using the correct REST verb on every attempt? REST is picky that way.

Cheers and good luck - I'll keep checking to see if you respond to this.

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