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Job Application - 02224971

Post by gssijoga »

Hi, when we’re submitting the job applications for candidate via the rest api, we’re setting the “sendingUser” with the recruiter’s id.
It’s submitting fine, no errors, but when we look up on bullhorn staffing, it shows “webservices api” as the sendingUser.
See attached screenshots.
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Re: Job Application - 02224971

Post by TedWalters »


This is Ted from Bullhorn Support, and I will be assisting you with this issue. Web responses do not list who added them underneath in the section you are indicating. Instead, that is the edit history of the submission, which will show the API user as the API user is the one who technically created the submission, despite the sendingUser field being entered correctly. If you update the web response to be a submission, you can see that the "Added By" field is correctly populating that user.
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