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Search OrderJob by dateEnd empty 02244358

Posted: Sat May 14, 2016 12:51 pm
by TienNguyen
i try search dateEnd is empty, but don't working, please help me. ... y=isOpen:1 AND isDeleted:0 AND status:Active AND isPublic:1&fields=dateEnd,type,salary,id,isOpen,isPublic,status,address,title,description,startDate,categories(name),skills(name),clientCorporation(name),publicDescription&count=20&start=0&BhRestToken=xxxx&sort=type,-startDate,

$query = [
//"dateEnd:[* TO ".date("YmdTH:i:s")."]" //. strtotime('now') * 1000,

Re: Search OrderJob by dateEnd empty

Posted: Mon May 16, 2016 9:44 am
by SO-BHSupport
Hi Tien,

This is Simon from Bullhorn Support. When searching on Date Fields you can search for empty values by doing the following: ... sDeleted:0 AND -customDate1:[* TO *] AND NOT status:Archive&BhRestToken=fcf594c3-4fad-4c42-ac82-4ab1caca1fe2

The important part here is "-customDate1:[* TO *]", where you need the - for it to be ignoring these values.

Hope this helps!

Kind regards,

Simon O'Keeffe