Speeding up resume/CV submission as candidates parse

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Speeding up resume/CV submission as candidates parse

Post by annehiatt »

I have a question regarding the time it takes for an end user to submit a CV to our site. We have integrated with a Wordpress installation. As directed by Bullhorn Support, we have had to add in the retries to the code to alleviate some errors we were seeing upon submission. This addition of retries plus the time it takes for the resume to parse has caused a serious lag for the end user upon submission of their cv. It takes approximately 5-7 seconds for the resume to submit and then for the user to be re-directed to our thank you page. You can test what I mean here:
http://www.newyorkcm.com/jobs/apm-estim ... ssessment/

When we upload a resume it takes an uncomfortably long time to submit. Can anyone suggest a way for us to decrease the amount of time it takes to re-direct the user to the confirmation page without causing errors? Just wondering if anyone has figured out a way to parse the resume, include the retries to avoid errors and still have a speedy submission process.



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Re: Speeding up resume/CV submission as candidates parse

Post by DaveNorthCreek »

Hi Anne,

The obvious solution from a programming standpoint would be to have the CV uploaded to a temporary folder on your server, followed by an asynchronous process that uploads the document to Bullhorn. The solution I developed has a long delay, but it is an internal tool, so that is just a matter of employee education.

There are a lot of things going on over the network, so the delay is unavoidable if you want to upload everything and parse the return value for errors before showing a reply to the user. An intermediate page with a thank you message, and a quick explanation of what is happening, should satisfy your users. After the CV is parsed and you have a reply, you can either go back to the upload page and explain what went wrong, or continue on to the success page. That kind of temporary page would be coded in Javascript, with an ajax callback component that waits for the return from Bullhorn.

If this is too much for your application, you're left with putting an explanatory note on the submission page. You could also use javascript to insert a progress bar to help the user understand that things are progressing, and not broken.

Hope these ideas help,

Dave Block
North Creek Consulting, Inc.

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