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Job Order Assigned Users

Post by FlashRecruitKevin »

I'm trying to query to decide which user's are assigned to a job order. I've tried the following api call.

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{{RESTURL}}/search/JobOrder?query=isDeleted:0 AND assignedUsers:'Unassigned Smith'
Through the Bullhorn UI, I've added my user "Unassigned Smith" to mulitple Job Orders, but can't seem to get this REST call to work.

I am getting a successful response, just no data coming back.

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  "total": 0,
  "start": 0,
  "count": 0,
  "data": []

I was using /myJobOrders.

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{{RESTURL}}myJobOrders?fields=id,title,publicDescription,isPublic,address&where=isDeleted=false AND NOT status='archive'
That will not work because my clients do not assign ownership to the users working the JobOrder. They use the "Assigned to" field. Is there a way to get all jobs assigned to me?

Anyone have any thoughts?

Thank you,
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