Product to download Bullhorn data from REST API

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Product to download Bullhorn data from REST API

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If you are writing code to download data from Bullhorn for custom reporting, don't waste your time and money. I have a product that downloads data for all Entities that the admin user has access to, updating it every hour with failover strategies and respecting the number of calls you can make to Bullhorn REST API in a day. At the end of the day, you get not only the data refreshed every hour, but also a JasperReports server (community edition) bundled with it, so you can easily start building and scheduling reports that you need. All of this installed, working and supported (bug fixes and updates) for year for a low price of US $6,000.

What's more, I will install it for you on AWS and you can try it free for 2 months. If you like it and buy it, you also own the code and can made modifications as you see fit (as long as it isn't resold). If you don't like it, I'll uninstall it and all you've lost is 2 months of server costs on AWS. I have 6 very satisfied clients who are currently running this product, and I can provide references if you need.

I know the Bullhorn database and the processes well, and have developed custom reports for 4 of the 6 clients. If you need custom reports on JasperSoft Reports, I can develop them at a fixed cost - I will provide the estimate based on your report requirements. Simple reports cost up to $300 and more complex ones can go up to $750. Contact me at if you are interested.
- Y
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