JobSubmissions - can't get results for jobOrder

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JobSubmissions - can't get results for jobOrder

Post by jimh88 »

I have job orders that can have more than 10 submissions, so I need to do a separate search to get the additional job submissions. However it's not getting any results back.

Code: Select all*&count=50&start=0&useV2=true
That search return 0 results.

I've also tried using the GET 'query', but it returns an error "javax.persistence.PersistenceException: org.hibernate.HibernateException: instance not of expected entity type: java.math.BigDecimal is not a: com.bullhorn.entity.job.JobOrder"

Code: Select all*&count=500&start=0&useV2=true
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Re: JobSubmissions - can't get results for jobOrder

Post by dfuller »

Hi Jim,

I'm Dan with Bullhorn Support and I'll be assisting you on this issue.

The call you are looking for here is going to be:

Code: Select all*&count=50&start=0&useV2=true

Whenever you are dealing with an associative field like that it will always be a .id on the end of the entity ID.

Warm regards,
Dan Fuller | Enterprise Support Analyst
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