Redirect URI - How to set?

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Redirect URI - How to set?

Post by jomont00 »

I am currently working on integration and received a client id and secret. My problem is that the Request URI is set to NULL so when I submit for authorization I get an "Invalid Redirect URI". I've logged into the account at and I just don't see an interface to manage this feature. I've gone to Admin -> BH Connect and I don't see the keys I was given and there doesn't any options to control this through the web service API or data services.

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Re: Redirect URI - How to set?

Post by pmularski »

Good Afternoon Jomont00,

If you are attempting to set a login, this following paste should allow you to integrate a redirect properly. That, or you can remove the &redirect_uri={optional redirect_uri} entirely. ... client_id={client_id}&response_type=code
&redirect_uri={optional redirect_uri}&state={recommended state value}&username={username}&password={password}&action=Login

If this is not what you are looking for, would you please post the URI, which you are attempting to use?

Thanks, and sorry for the lengthy delay.
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