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JobOrder HTML publicDescription

Post by FlashRecruitKevin »

I have a question with regards to JobOrder's publicDescription field.

I know from the '/meta/JobOrder' that the datatype is String, and the dataSpecialization is HTML. What we currently do is just send plaintext because we know that after a job is pushed through bullhorn, it may end up on a website with only plaintext allowed.

Question being, if we put HTML into this description field, what does bullhorn do if the site the job is being published to doesn't allow HTML?

publicDescription field from /meta/JobOrder
"name": "publicDescription",
"type": "SCALAR",
"dataType": "String",
"maxLength": 2147483647,
"dataSpecialization": "HTML",
"confidential": false,
"optional": true,
"label": "Published Description",
"required": false,
"readOnly": false,
"multiValue": false,
"hideFromSearch": false,
"sortOrder": 230,
"hint": "",
"description": ""
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