Tasks created from API not sending reminder emails

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Tasks created from API not sending reminder emails

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I'm able to create a task from the API successfully and when I look at the task in Bullhorn, everything looks correct. However, the reminder email is not sent to the owner for these tasks.

However, if after a task is created from the API, I go to the edit screen on the task and click Save without changing anything, the reminder will be sent to the owner correctly.

So it seems that clicking save from the UI is somehow doing something different than when I create the task from the API, which allows the reminder emails to be sent. Is there something I can do to ensure reminder emails are sent for tasks when created from the API? Are there additional fields I need to set? Details on API request to create task below.

// Add task
PUT "REST_URL/entity/Task"

// Data
"description":"Follow up with Barry Holmes\n",
"subject":"Contact Barry Holmes | ",

Corp ID: 10002
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