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Questions about joins

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Regarding apointments:

Going from the Entity API, I would have assumed that an interview (real life event) would correspond to an apointment entity which would refeence the relevant JobOrder The appointment itself would be refferenced from JobSubmissions's appointment list.

But I find (at least in one case) the interview at the expected time with the expected canidate, assoicated to no jobOrder and not refferenced by the JobSubmission. Am I misunderstanding something or do I have some weird data here? I'm having to go from JobSubmission to Candidate ID to appointments, but that's implicitly assuming all outstanding appointments for the candiate are related to that JobSbmission.

Regarding Placements:

What determines when a placement entity is created versus the placed JobSubmission status?
My client's entities have only a fraction of the Placed JobSubmissions corresponding to Placements. My client also seems to believe that I should be able to retrieve Placement.beginDate for JobSubmissions with a status of "Hit".
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