02670290: No owner in ClientCorporation

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02670290: No owner in ClientCorporation

Post by Dezachu »

We're trying to attribute the creation of a Company (ClientCorporation entity) to a user, but the data returned does not contain any ownership details despite Bullhorn itself showing the owner.

The data we receive looks like this:

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Any idea how we can get the owning user? ClientContacts correctly give us the owner's ID, first name and surname, but ClientCorporation does not.


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Re: 02670290: No owner in ClientCorporation

Post by DanJSupport »

Hi Dezachu,

To-many association fields will display like this when you specify all fields on a GET /entity call. If you want to see the values in that field, you need to specify the field like this:

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GET /entity/ClientCorporation/{id}/owners?fields=*&BhRestToken={token}

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GET /entity/ClientCorporation/{id}?fields=owners&BhRestToken={token}
The reason you don't see this on other entities like ClientContact is that the owner field is a to-one association so the value will return even when specifying fields=*.

One other thing to note on ClientCorporation is that the owners association comes from the owners of the ClientContacts that are associated with it. There is not a direct association between CorporateUser and ClientCorporation.

Let me know if you have any other questions around this topic.
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