03077861: Assessment integration

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03077861: Assessment integration

Post by fluentiqmike »

We are in the process of building our integration, I'm having trouble configuring the fields in our sandbox account. The field-lists appear to be empty everywhere - is that normal - how can we activate these. Can someone help me understand this?

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Re: 03077861: Assessment integration

Post by MikeCogle »

Hi fluentiqmike,

Modifying fields should be done in the product front end, as opposed to by the API. Looking into your Sandbox account, I can see field mappings and the view layout appear correctly.

If you are looking to change your field mappings, you can do so via following the below documentation:
Using Field Mappings - http://bullhorn.force.com/pkb/articles/ ... Mappings/p
Understanding our Edit Types - http://bullhorn.force.com/pkb/articles/ ... it-Types/p
Using View Layout - http://bullhorn.force.com/pkb/articles/ ... w-Layout/p

If you're still having issues on your side, can you please provide a screenshot with an example of the issue you're encountering, and we can look into it further on our side.

Kind Regards,

Mike Cogle | Bullhorn Support | Senior Enterprise Support Analyst

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