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Bullhorn Back Office - 03161398

Post by alipscomb1 »

I have been asked to do some integration work using data from Bullhorn Back Office. After looking briefly at the Back Office documentation and comparing it to the API documentation, it's not clear that I can get Back Office data via the "regular" Bullhorn API, either REST or SOAP. Is that correct?

If so, is there another route to get Back Office data programatically?

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Re: Bullhorn Back Office - 03161398

Post by bwalker »


This is Brian with Bullhorn Support.

You're correct, data stored within BBO is not accessible through the ATS REST/SOAP API.

BBO API Documentation can be found at this URL:
https://api.bbo.bullhornstaffing.com/v1 ... index.html

From here you can enter your API Key and vanity name, expand the entity you wish to get data from, and see the available fields. You can also enter data into the fields next to them and click Try it out! to see the sample API call and response.
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Re: Bullhorn Back Office - 03161398

Post by manelson05 »


1. We currently use ATS for our Customer information which we will also need to import for new customers.
2. We currently are being tasked to import BBO Invoicing which one of our subsidiaries runs through Quick books into Great Plains.

Seeing as ATS cannot use REST for BBO we are trying to formulate the best solution for our current state.

We need to import customers(ATS) and the relevant billing information(BBO) into Great Plains.

Is it possible to use API to pull ATS into a staging table on a native key ( ID number or the like) then perform the same action from BBO to a staging table where we would then merge data(join) and push to Great Plains? Currently the business is having to use flat files which seems archaic.

Would you be able to offer me any additional information or suggestions on this? How can I obtain table and field level information for our Bullhorn instance?

Thank you


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Re: Bullhorn Back Office - 03161398

Post by mholmemi »

Hi Mark,

This is Mikaela from Bullhorn Support. The exports you are currently using for Great Plains are the best approach we have at this time.

Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Mikaela Holme-Miller | Tier II/Enterprise Support Analyst

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Re: Bullhorn Back Office - 03161398

Post by Chana468 »

I am not gonna use them in UI. I am just rendering the fields which are not in readOnly mode.


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