REST API Searching Different Entity

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REST API Searching Different Entity

Post by goutam2018 »

Hi Team,
I need help in getting the following Entity. Please help me to create the API QUERY.
1. /JobSubmissionHistory?BhRestToken=XXXXXXX&where=dateAdded ( between startdate and endDate) &fields=*&start=0&count=10

2. /Sendout?BhRestToken=XXXXXXX&where=dateAdded ( between startdate and endDate) &fields=*&start=0&count=10

3. /Appointment?BhRestToken=XXXXXXX&where=dateAdded ( between startdate and endDate) &fields=*&start=0&count=10

And Please let me if I can get any documents where I will get all query parameters details.

Goutam Sikder

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Re: REST API Searching Different Entity

Post by DanJSupport »

Hi Goutam,

The dateAdded parameter would need to be queried using Epoch timestamps such as this for July 1st through the 31st:

Code: Select all

dateAdded>={1530417600000} AND dateAdded<={1533096000000}
So your three queries would be:

Code: Select all

query/JobSubmissionHistory?BhRestToken={token}&where=dateAdded>={1530417600000} AND dateAdded<={1533096000000}&fields=*&start=0&count=10

query/Sendout?BhRestToken={token}&where=dateAdded>={1530417600000} AND dateAdded<={1533096000000}&fields=*&start=0&count=10

query/Appointment?BhRestToken={token}&where=dateAdded>={1530417600000} AND dateAdded<={1533096000000}&fields=*&start=0&count=10
We don't have documentation on specific query or search parameters.
Dan Johnson
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