Is email a required/reliable field for Bullhorn Users

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Is email a required/reliable field for Bullhorn Users

Post by chuckspencer »

We're developing a marketplace integration that will entail creating user accounts in our system based on the result of the GET /settings endpoint in the Bullhorn REST api ( Can we count on the 'email' field in that result to be populated for all users? Is that email required for all Bullhorn corporate users? Is it subject to change?
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Re: Is email a required/reliable field for Bullhorn Users

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Hi Chuck,

This is Dave with Bullhorn's API Support Team, and I will be assisting you with your inquiry into the requirement of the email field for a Bullhorn user.

An email address is not required, unless the client has email integration set up and the new user will need to track emails. At that point, the In-Bound Email setting on the user profile should be enabled. This is not typically the case if you are enabling API users, but is common if you are to set up standard Bullhorn users.

Hopefully this provides the insight you need, but please let us know if you need anything else.
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