Multiple API Credentials / Callback URIs for dev environments

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Multiple API Credentials / Callback URIs for dev environments

Post by chuckspencer »

We've begun development of an integration, and we've received our API credentials, Client ID and Secret from Bunker. If this integration goes into production, we'd like to maintain an environment separate from production for development/QA. In order to do that, we'd need a separate Redirect URL configured for the OAuth flow. I assume that might require a separate Client ID / Secret. Is this something that Bullhorn can set up for us?

Related question - who do I talk to about changing the current Redirect URL associated with our existing setup?

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Re: Multiple API Credentials / Callback URIs for dev environments

Post by dportnoyBH »

Hi Chuck,

This is Dave with Bullhorn's API Support Team, and I will be assisting you with your inquiry into adding a new redirect URL for your QA environment.

Is it always best to enable new credentials whenever setting up an API for a new environment. This is something we can easily do for you by creating a new client ID, secret, and even user and password. I'll email you shortly with additional steps needed to create the new credentials. I can also assist in updating the current URL you have set.

Please keep us posted if you do need anything else.
Best Regards,
Dave Portnoy
Enterprise Support Analyst
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International: 617-478-9131

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