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Live reporting (every 1-5 minutes) from BH

Posted: Wed Aug 22, 2018 7:32 am
by LawrenceMarcel
Hi all,

I'm NOT a developer so excuse me for not using the right lingo :roll:

I'd like to put up a screen in the office that shows some KPI's and results (today, week to date, this month etc) on several categories (CV sent, IVs booked, placements, jobs added).

Key is that this would have to be live reporting, or refreshed very often at least.

The metrics themselves are quite basic, I'd like to have them shown in a nice excel graph form and can do this part myself I reckon. Bullhorn support kan create the API key.
So where I need help: there's little or no developers in Belgium with hands-on Bullhorn knowledge: How can I make sure I find a good developer, what should he/she know and what is a realistic budget for this?

Any input appreciated!