Using custom objects

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Using custom objects

Post by chuckspencer »

We're attempting to work with Custom Objects per the instructions in this article.

1. We may wish to use client-defined names. The article states that the Bullhorn support team must enable “Use Client Defined Name in REST” on the custom object configuration. Who can do that for us? Initially we'd be working with the Candidate Entity
2. While trying to update using static custom object and field names, we get the following response:

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    "errorMessage": "Update Failed: You do not have permission for Candidate Custom Object field customObject9s.",
    "errorMessageKey": "errors.entitlements.customObjectFieldPermission",
    "errorCode": 500,
    "entityName": "Candidate"
for a post to this url: ... ken={valid rest token was here}

with this POST body:

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        {"text1":"Brand new custom object here!"}

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Re: Using custom objects

Post by pmularski »

Good Afternoon chuckspencer,

I wanted to touch base on this post. If you have not already had this enabled, please have your client open a ticket with Bullhorn Support. That way, we will be able to update your access directly through the client. Thanks!
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