Unable to get job order via the rest api

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Unable to get job order via the rest api

Post by JohnGalt »

We have created a couple of job orders in the bullhorn platform.
In postman, I have acquired the OAuth token.

When searching for the jobrder via the API, I get the following error in postman (In the screenshot, I have cropped the token...it is sending the full token correctly). What am I doing wrong? Since I am getting a "No data", I am unable to tell whether this is because it is not finding the data OR because there is some other issue.
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Re: Unable to get job order via the rest api

Post by DanJSupport »

Hi John,

Before you can make calls into Bullhorn you will need to use the access token to generate a BhRestToken.

This documentation explains the authorization process: http://bullhorn.github.io/Getting-Started-with-REST/

Your call is also missing the corp token. When making the call to obtain the BhRestToken you will be provided with the correct endpoint for the corp you are accessing. Your call will then be something like this:

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