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put secondarySkills

Post by gfeng12345678 »

I try to "put" association secondarySkills to a candidate
put https://rest91.bullhornstaffing.com/res ... stToken={a valid token}

The REST API returns

BullhorRest access token: $VAR1 = {
'errorMessageKey' => 'errors.internalError',
'errorMessage' => 'An internal error has occurred'

I put the same to primarySkills. It works fine.

What is the correct call for secondarySkills? By the way, is "secondarySkills" call "Additional Skills" in the web page?


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Re: put secondarySkills

Post by mfinleybh »

Greetings gfeng12345678,

I ran your test call against my database and was able to change the Secondary Skills from [Blank] to Whiskey.

Could there have been network or connection issues when you tried this call on your end?

Also in webpage it is labeled as Secondary Skills not Additional Skills.



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