ClientContact and its history

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ClientContact and its history

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I have a number of ClientContacts whose status is different from the one recorded in their latest UserEditHistory->UserEditHistoryFieldChange.
I filter userEditHistory data by the "personSybType" field having the "ClientContact" value and the userEditHistoryFieldChanges by the "columnName" being equal to "status". Retrieving the latest (by dateEffective) status change from history does not coincide with the status field in the ClientContact itself for some contacts.
As a bit of context - out of about 50000 ClientContacts, I have 2817 that have these rather weird status mismatches.
How do I deal with this inconsistency of statuses?

Most probably a related issue - some ClientContacts have no history at all. Is it safe to assume that the event of creating a ClientContact is not reflected in the history tables?
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