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How to get SavedSearch Data

Posted: Tue May 28, 2019 7:32 am
by vipultandon
Hi Bullhorn Support,

Have few queries related to savedSearch.

1). I added 3 savedSearch for Candidate. However when hitting the REST API ( ... d&count=10 ), all these 3 added savedsearches do not appear in the result set.
Please suggest what I should use to get these?

2). From the result set, Please suggest How I should further proceed to get the list of candidates associated with the savedSearch.
What method I should use to get list of candidates that are related to the savedSearch.

3). From the savedSearch result set, How I should filter out what values/criteria were used at the time of saving a search?

Please do response.


Re: How to get SavedSearch Data

Posted: Thu May 30, 2019 9:41 am
by kkbarimah
Hi vipultandon,

This is Kingsley from Bullhorn Support and I will be assisting you with this.

1. I tested running your same query on my end and I was able to pull results. Can you provide me the message you are seeing after running your query? Also, are these private searches created by a different user? If so, this may be why they do not appear.

2. Once you get the results, you should see the query being used in the search which will help your next API Call. In my example, the query for the saved search returned as ["query": "isDeleted:0 AND dateAdded:[19000101060000 TO 20180520045959] AND customText6:(+yes) AND NOT status:Archive"]. If I wanted to use this to get the candidates I would plug this into my next query.

3. These can be filtered out by editing the query you received from the original savedSearch call.

Re: How to get SavedSearch Data

Posted: Mon Jun 03, 2019 2:48 am
by vipultandon
Hi Kingsley,

Thanks for your reply.

1). I am still not able to get my savedSearches after hitting the REST API ... &count=200

I have added savedSearch with the name as "dummy Vipul SSearch", "Vipul_Dummy_Candidates_private", "vipul_dummy_cand_public". However these are still not listed in the resultset.

Our requirement is like we need all the BH savedSearches added by any user in our system via the REST API.?

2). Is there a way via REST API that we can know how many Candidates have Resume, actual Resume?

Please do have a look and suggest us.