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Toast Warning

Post by JonathanBeaumont »

Please accept my apologies if this is not the correct place to ask this question - I have been directed here by support and am a first-time poster.

I am trying to have a warning appear when a candidate record is opened.

I have used a page interaction as follows. Currently, the code is as follows, on an action "Add Edit Presave"

if (API.currentEntity === 'Candidate' && API.getValue('status') === 'DNU') {
message: 'The candidate has been marked DNU. Please check all notes carefully.',
hideDelay: 6000,
position: 'growlTopLeft',
icon: "times",
theme: "danger",
color: "negative"

This is working as expected, except that it only triggers when a record is edited. I am wanting it to trigger as soon as a record (opened from a search or a list view) is viewed so that there is as a warning not to contact a candidate.

I'd be grateful for any help.


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Re: Toast Warning

Post by mfinleybh »

Greetings JonathanBeaumont,

Currently the API support forums do not support page interaction issues.

However I am happy to publish this post and can keep it open for community suggestions and tips.


Mathew Finley | Analyst, Enterprise Support | Boston

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