Custom Job Board outage/fatal error

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Custom Job Board outage/fatal error

Post by jyocom.mar »

I have been having this problem for months and Bullhorn Customer Support suggested I post here. My custom job board goes down frequently with a "fatal error" posted - sometimes more than once per day. Sometimes it fixes itself, other times, I have to go in and manually open the API user and "unlock" the radio box because it was locked. It states: "If Locked, the user has exceeded the number of login attempts permitted by failedLoginLockoutThreshold or the account was manually locked."

Bullhorn Dashboard tells us that the account got locked because of too many login failures. However the same dashboard doesn't show any failures? How do we avoid this from happening?

The developer who wrote the API tells me we ping the API about once per hour to get the latest update posted.

Is there something we can do to make sure we don't have frequent outages?


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