Programmatically Accessing Bullhorn REST API

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Programmatically Accessing Bullhorn REST API

Post by notify2v »


I'm implementing Bullhorn and my database integration using Azure logic App.
However I'm having difficulty in Programmatically generating Auth token.

So, after digging further in forum and other docs I realized that
1. We don't need to generate auth token each time. Until we have last most recent refresh token with us. It's ONE TIME process.
2. Only for the first time we need to generate it manually and then using that Auth token we need to generate Access Token and Refresh token(No expiry but get's new refresh token with each access token)
3. Then for the rest of the life I can use refresh token to generate the new Access token(Expire every 10 min).

Is this assumption is CORRECT? or I'm missing something?

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Re: Programmatically Accessing Bullhorn REST API

Post by kkbarimah »

Hi notify2v,

Yes, that is correct. You will keep using refresh tokens in generate new access tokens.
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