Date/timestamp convert issue

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Date/timestamp convert issue

Post by zhaofeng »

I'd like to know what's the timezone in Bullhorn to convert a utc date with the Bullhorn UI.

Let's take available date in candidate for example.
I'm in New Zealand, so the timezone is +12:00

1. I change the available date to a date, e.g. today, Aug 14 2019, then I get the value through API, the field value is dateAvailable=1565755200000,
convert to UTC time is Aug 14 2019 4:00 UTC

So if the timezone is from brower, then the UTC time should be Aug 14 2019 12:00 pm UTC. I tried change my computer time zone, close the browser and even restart computer and tried again, same result I get.

in my user timezone settings, my timezone is +12 as well.if the timezone is from this settings, i changed my timezone setting to -11:00. and logout login and set the same date, same value I get.

so I think the timezone diff is from Bullhorn server, then I need to know which timezone each of your datecenter has, like the rest API URL. Currently I'm using the sandbox environment.

2. We grab the date outside Bullhorn from candidate then use the API to update the value back to Bullhorn, so it is very important to know the rule of timezone.
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Re: Date/timestamp convert issue

Post by kkbarimah »

Hello zhaofeng,

The Bullhorn Database stores time in EST. Please let me know if this helps.

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