Get notes Data via REST API

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Get notes Data via REST API

Post by vipultandon »

Hi Bullhorn Support,

I have a query when fetching notes via REST API, which is as below,

REST API: /search/Note?BhRestToken=TOKEN_HERE&fields=*&query=isDeleted:false&sort=dateAdded&start=1500100&count=300

Q1. What should be the value come in "start" field after I process above API URL.?

Q2. How should I know if from offset (start=1500100), there are more than 300 records?

I am asking above questions, because here we are missing some data via REST APIcall.

Please do have a look at respond at the earliest.

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Re: Get notes Data via REST API

Post by kkbarimah »

Hi vipultandon,

This is Kingsley from Bullhorn Support. Which entity are you searching on these notes for? When running a query you should see a total amount. For example, when I run a query where start=15 & count=300 the results show as such:

"total": 60379,
"start": 15,
"count": 300

Please let me know if this answers your question.

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Re: Get notes Data via REST API

Post by DanielRodriguez »

This is the type of date I'm using in the query:


Which, decoded, is:


The -2 is because of the timezone from the Corporate User
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