How to handle the readonly:true field property?

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How to handle the readonly:true field property?

Post by ganeshprabhu »

The field readOnly: true property behave like hide the value in bullhorn CRM UI.
How to handle this API response value for readonly: true property? Either we show the field and not editable (or) We hide from UI?
"name": "phone2",
"type": "SCALAR",
"dataType": "String",
"maxLength": 50,
"confidential": false,
"optional": true,
"label": "z- Hidden Field",
"required": false,
"readOnly": true,
"multiValue": false,
"hideFromSearch": false,
"sortOrder": 8050,
"hint": "",
"description": "",
"systemRequired": false
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Re: How to handle the readonly:true field property?

Post by danmorris »

Hi ganeshprabhu,

Thanks for posting your query here.

By the looks of things, you're talking about a response given from querying the configuration of a particular Field.

Bar the label of the field, all of these fields are hidden (and therefore not editable) from the front-end UI or accessible only in the Field Mappings menu if the user is an Admin on the CRM.

The readOnly field is referring to whether the particular parent Field you are calling here is editable or not.

I hope this helps - let me know if you need anything else.
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How to handle the readonly true field property

Post by Alikwouby »

I confirm. I agree with told all above. Let's discuss this question.
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