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GET Candidate File

Post by vipultandon »

Hello Bullhorn Support Team,

Need help on below scenario,

Via Rest API (GET /entityFiles), we can get files of Candidate uploaded on Bullhorn, which is working fine at our end.
Suppose we have 10k candidates and all of them have files. We processed first candidate and we got his file. Now we moved to second candidate and got his file, and we keep on traversing so on..
After couple of days, a new file was added to the first Candidate.
So here Questions we have are as,

1. Can we get to know via API if any new file is added/uploaded to the same Candidate?
2. Is there a web-hook feature which can tell us that a new file has been added/uploaded to a Candidate?
3. Is there any way from BH, which can tell us a new file has been added to the first Candidate?

Please have a look and suggest us here what we can do to achieve this.

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Re: GET Candidate File

Post by bosolutions »


I have a similar question. I would like to retrieve the metadata for attached Files for ALL entities of a particular entity type
(Candidates, ClientContact, ClientCorporation) within a data range for the field dateAdded. I.e. I am only interested in the
'new' attached Files since I already have the information regarding the 'old' attached Files, previously downloaded.

My idea was to search for all entity id's , f.i. Candidates, that have new attached Files regarding the given data range and
then launch a request per received Candidate ID and again only the attached Files within the given data range.

I found this solution below in a previous post (DanJSupport feb 05 2019) to select candidates with file Attachments that have the text "Manager"
and "IT" in the field 'description' of one of the Attachments

... You can also use an entity search to find records by file attachment descriptions like this: /search/Candidate?query=fileAttachments.description:(+Manager +IT) That will return candidates that have "Manager" and "IT" in the description.

so I tried … query=fileAttachments.dateAdded:[20200301000000 TO 20200331235959] to retrieve all candidates that do have fileAttachments
that have been added in the month of March 2020. This 'filter' however is not working.
An alternative would be to filter upon the fileAttachment ID since I can keep track of the latest retrieved ID to propose the next 'ID range'.
The ID filter works but on an alfanumeric base, i.e. the range [1 TO 100] results into 1, 10, 100 instead of 1,2,3 ... 99, 100.
Maybe you have a suggestion to filter on a numeric base.

Thks & best regards,

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